Element 1  [Modern Circus Routine]

The magnum opus. A splendid choreography paired with breath taking top-level juggling moves. Innovative and yet a classic, phenomenal passing meets striking solo tricks in this brilliant and sophisticated routine. The mythical and dreamy atmosphere as a leitmotif floats gently across gorgeous 3 ball moves, astonishing 5 club routines as well as elements from modern dance. 

Beyond the Dream shows that they belong to the rising stars of modern circus.

Duration: 3 Minutes

Element 3  [Supreme Selfie Show]

Luca and Jan show in their entertaining routine that both high-level juggling and a storytelling finesse can go hand in hand as the clubs and balls fly between the jugglers.

The thematically appealing context of the smartphone universe fits perfectly to this exciting circus routine.

It was specially designed for rather informal occasions and to “cheer the audience up again”.

The song being used in that show is in German language.

Duration: 5 Minutes

Element 4  [Knive Juggling]

Get ready for top level entertainment at it’s finest: In this spectacular show, real thrills are unleashed when Luca and Jan avail themselves of their most dangerous juggling prop. When the duo starts to suddenly pass with big knives, the tension rises only to be reinforced seconds later. An important audience member will succeed in helping the artists pull off their spectacular finale. This is a great way to optimize the impression of your guests or for a very important audience member (principal, CEO, chairman etc.) paired with breath taking juggling action.

With specifically produced juggling knives the safety of all attendees is assured at all times.

Duration: 3 Minutes


New Show 2019

With their new show “Visualize” they combine artistic world level juggling with a diverting and creative production. This act consists of different elements, linked throughout the show. Regarding the individual demands of your event, the sections can be added and adjusted in a flexible order.

By showing off exciting choreographies and technical brilliancy they manage to create wonderful and magical moments on stage. “Visualize” involves expressive and dreamful routines that generate beautiful pictures among the audience, remaining in consciousness even long after the act is over.

Be invited to experience their next-level juggling!

Element 2   [Hightech LED Show]

This is the icing on the cake for your event. Conceptualized for the corporate occasion, this act will  exceed expectations and touch the audience on an emotional level.

Goosebumps are guaranteed when Luca and Jan create a symbiosis of darkness and light while unleashing the power of beautiful colors with their hightech LED clubs. Always juggling on a high technical level, this splendid production narrates the creation of dreams.

Duration: 5 Minutes

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