Beyond the Dream

New Show  Visualize

“Beyond the Dream” is a team of two young and aspiring artists, who juggle and perform at world-class level. With their exciting choreographies and technical brilliance, they manage to create wonderful and magical moments on stage.

The dreamy routines are full of expression, generating steady pictures for the audience, which remain in their consciousness even long after the act is over.

In their brand new stage show “Visualize”, they combine artistic highest level juggling with a creative and a diverting act.

The show is composed of different unique elements and can therefore be individualized for your event and your wishes.



 Luca Pferdmenges


Luca Pferdmenges is a young and exciting juggler who got known in Germany after his appearance in the TV Show “Superkids”. He remarked his outstanding talent early and started performing on national and international stages. Soon, Luca won his first gold medals in juggling competitions and got more than 1 million subscribers on Social Media. By now he presents shows world wide and has reached a unique juggling level which allows him to create extra-ordinary acts and to even break world records on stage.



Experience a show where extraordinary juggling skills meet modern circus!




 Jan Daumin


Jan Daumin started performing on the streets as early as being 6 years old. With hard and passionate work he managed to gain performance experience and began to develop his juggling skills in a broad and interesting way. His speciality is defined by the so-called “Shower”-throws which made him famous in the circus community. He now offers top-level entertainment for international audiences. 

Both are multiple world record holders (as of 2019) in disciplines with 5,6,7,8 balls, as well as with 6 clubs. In total, Luca and Jan hold 9 world records and have won 7 gold medals.

Their show gained critical acclaim across the media. For example, Luca Pferdmenges was chosen by a newspaper to be one of the most influential persons in his region of 2018. Meanwhile Jan Daumin won another gold medal at the Dutch Juggling Championships in January 2019.

As a stage duo, they are inspired by the visual movements and endless possibilities of juggling.

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